Boulevard Presents Two Million Years of History and Humanity with the British Museum

Boulevard’s first Touch title brings dozens of objects within reach

New York, NY March 9, 2017 – Since its inception, the British Museum has been open to all “studious and curious persons.” Boulevard’s latest experience, Two Million Years of History and Humanity, takes this mission to a whole new level by broadening further the already-wide reach of the Museum and its collection, making a self-directed, interactive approach to discovering history possible for anyone in the world.

Long the stuff of museum-goers’ dreams, picking up objects and examining them closely is now a reality. Using Oculus Rift with Touch controllers, Boulevard players can select and compare 48 fascinating and diverse British Museum objects by time and place. Visitors can reach out for a virtual ivory chess piece from the 12th century Lewis Chessmen set, and turn it around in their hands. They can lift, rotate and study the ancient Mesopotamian Flood Tablet or even a two-million-year old stone chopping tool, the oldest object in the Museum. Suddenly objects that seem worlds apart can be experienced within the same immersive space, sparking time-fluid, cross-cultural comparisons and weaving a globally interconnected picture of human life.

Available now as a free download, Boulevard’s Two Million Years of History and Humanity allows the player’s enthusiasm to run parallel to the size and scope of the British Museum’s collection. Coupled with the features of the Touch controllers, the experience gives users around the world a chance to explore a selection of one of the broadest collections on the planet in a new and innovative way.

“Virtual reality is the next frontier for museums… Though nothing can replace the experience of visiting a museum, and learning about an object through looking, this adds a whole new element to that experience – opening up a kind of intimate study previously reserved only for specialist curators. The British Museum is delighted to partner with Boulevard on this amazing new way to share our collection with the world.”- Chris Michaels, Head of Digital and Publishing, British Museum

About Boulevard
Boulevard brings art, architecture, and culture to people around the world. Partnering with leading museums and cultural sites, Boulevard gives immersive access and revolutionizes the way the world looks at the arts. With 21st-century innovation and dynamic content, Boulevard is reshaping the landscape of storytelling and bringing history to life for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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The British Museum

The British Museum is the oldest national public museum in the world. From the outset it has been a museum of the world, for the world, available to all. The Museum collection covers all world cultures from the dawn of human history to the present day.

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