Boulevard Frequently Asked Questions

How is Boulevard different from other VR cultural apps? 

From the perspective of pure functionality, Boulevard offers a fully immersive, customizable, and easily navigable visit to a gallery.  When visiting a gallery in reality, no two visitors look at the paintings in quite the same way, engage with the interpretative materials similarly, or even stand in the same place when looking at the same works of art.  So why should they in virtual reality?  We want users of our app to choose their own experience and to learn in their own unique way.

Further, we set out to enhance the visitor experience in the most fulsome way, and do so by offering not only the immersive visual and experiential range, but also by providing rich educational content in a way that activates engagement, interest, and curiosity.

How can Boulevard be viewed? 

Boulevard is platform agnostic.  Currently, Boulevard is available on Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. As new devices come to market, Boulevard will be there.  As our experiences are user-driven and user-navigated, the level of VR functionality will depend upon the capabilities of the particular head-mounted display (HMD) being used for the experience.

How can Boulevard be used in the classroom? 

Boulevard offers access for educators and students to take field trips all over the world without leaving school, fostering student discovery and adding new energy to classroom discussions.

Boulevard is designed to encourage inquiry, exploration, and critical thinking through customizable user-controlled experiences.  The user can actively choose any path, zoom up-close to paintings, explore spaces, wander galleries, select audio, and peruse content to generate an individualized visit each time.

On our website, Boulevard provides original, easily downloadable, and fully-­integrated curriculum for each of its museum experiences.  Our intent is to furnish instructors with adaptable lessons that cover a range of interdisciplinary subjects.

How does Boulevard capture data? 

We use a variety of photographic, film, and scanning technologies–­­some proprietary, some open source.  Our data capture is a combination of an on-­site visit with minimal equipment­­–no cords, cables, or special lighting–and existing materials provided by our partnering institutions. Boulevard’s strategic partner is Studio Roqovan, who works with us on post­-production and development of VR functionality.

Is Boulevard working with other museums? 

We will release new content every 6-8 weeks.

What does the Boulevard app cost? 

At this time, the app will remain free so that we can garner feedback from users, educators, as well as the arts institutions themselves, and can work from and integrate these suggestions, fine­-tuning the app and overall experience.  When we are ready to charge a fee, it will be nominal, keeping in line with our mission to democratize the arts.

Who are we?

Boulevard is comprised of a team of professional curators and educators.  Combined, we have more than 50 years of experience working in art museums, public art programs, and arts foundations.  We have deep roots in the field and, as a result, are able to think in a way that considers the needs of both the arts institutions and the visitor.  Our Museum Advisory Board is a hand­-picked group of museum professionals, who help us stay close to the pulse of museums, education, and current trends in digital technology.  Our Executive and Advisory Boards include a group of individuals with exceptional expertise in the areas of education, technology, entertainment, e-commerce, and gaming.

In the process of developing each VR experience, Boulevard collaborates with artists, authors, curators, and educators to create informed, enriched content.  For example, New York Times best­-selling author and illustrator Neil Gaiman leads Boulevard’s immersive experience at The Courtauld Gallery in London.

Boulevard is passionate about democratizing accessibility to the arts.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at