Frequently Asked Questions

Why Boulevard? 

Boulevard brings the world’s great art museums and cultural sites to students and enthusiasts anywhere. Partnering with the most recognized museums and global technology companies, Boulevard delivers fully-immersive premium art, architecture and cultural experiences to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Launched in 2013 and highlighted in Forbes as “Netflix for the Arts,” Boulevard is the leading developer of arts-based experiences shared through virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

Who are we?

Based in New York, Los Angeles and London, Boulevard consists of a group of professional curators, educators and engineers who are deeply committed to partnering with museums and cultural heritage sites to develop arts & culture-based experiences shared through enhanced reality technologies. We have deep roots in our fields of endeavor and as a result, are able to consider the needs of both the arts institutions and the visitor. Our Museum Advisory Board comprises a select group of museum professionals who help us stay close to the pulse of art, culture and education. Our Executive and Advisory Boards are comprised of individuals with exceptional expertise in education, technology, entertainment, e-commerce, and gaming.

In the process of developing each experience, Boulevard collaborates with artists, authors, curators, and educators to create engaging, enriching and innovative content. For example, New York Times best­-selling author and illustrator Neil Gaiman leads Boulevard’s immersive experience at The Courtauld Gallery in London.

How can I use Boulevard? 

The Boulevard app offers content in virtual reality via Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers, Oculus Go, and Google Daydream View. Additionally, Boulevard released its first mixed reality app for Microsoft’s HoloLens in the fall of 2017. In early 2018, Boulevard AR launched in the App Store for use on all ARKit-ready iOS devices. New content will be regularly added to the app throughout the year. In summer 2018, Boulevard will debut an on-site mixed reality experience at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, making us truly platform agnostic. Whatever the platform, whether virtual, augmented or mixed reality, Boulevard is there.

How can Boulevard be used in the classroom? 

Boulevard’s immersive experiences offer educators and students the ability to “take field trips” all over the world without leaving school, creating innovative possibilities for learning, fostering student discovery and adding new energy to classroom discussion.

Boulevard encourages close-looking, inquiry and engagement through its customizable user-controlled experiences. Students can actively choose any path, zoom up-close to objects and works of art, explore spaces, wander galleries, and select audio and written content, making it possible to individualize each visit.

On our website, Boulevard provides original, easily downloadable and fully-integrated educational resources for each of our varied museum experiences. Our intent is to furnish instructors with adaptable lesson plans covering a range of subjects and offering multiple interdisciplinary entry points.

Boulevard offers two in-class labs: Operation Independence (Revolutionary War period) and Operation Lookout (Civil War era), available on Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View and Oculus Go. These labs are designed to engage and excite students about American history by transporting them “back in time” to collaboratively solve espionage-based puzzles using information gathered from important objects, like the Declaration of Independence.

How does Boulevard capture works of art?

We use a variety of capture technologies–­­ from laser scanning to photogrammetry and beyond. Our process combines existing materials provided by our partnering institutions with on-­site visits requiring minimal disruption or equipment­­–no cords, cables, or special lighting.

Is Boulevard working with other museums? 

The Company’s 50+ years of industry experience, knowledge and relationships is widely acknowledged, allowing Boulevard unique access to top-tier museums and private collections. Boulevard has cornered the industry by being the go-to content developer for premium arts experiences, and a sought-after developer by the brand-recognized tech platforms with the largest market share.

Boulevard releases new content every 10-12 weeks.

What does the Boulevard app cost? 

The Boulevard AR is available in the App Store for $2.99.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at hello@blvrd.com