Dorothy Hodgkin

This augmented reality (AR) experience centers on Maggi Hambling’s 1985 portrait of Nobel-Prize-winning chemist and crystallographer Dorothy Hodgkin, from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London. Throughout her 60-year career, Hodgkin pioneered the imagining of atomic and molecular structures. Her key findings on insulin and penicillin continue to save lives. Users can bring the portrait into their own classroom, office or home, either placing it on a wall or free-standing easel. Rosie Broadley, National Portrait Gallery’s Senior Curator, 20th Century Collections, narrates the experience, sharing stories and details about the scientist’s life and career, with a particular focus on the crystallographer’s tools, processes, and achievements. Additional AR features, including a 3D insulin molecule, which pops up off the painting, encourage further exploration and investigation, contributing to a sense of scientific discovery.

*Boulevard acknowledges the contributions of Pietro Roversi, LISCB Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow, Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Leicester. Pietro shared his expertise and provided essential consultation throughout the development of this experience.