Grayson Perry (English, b. 1960)
Comfort Blanket, 2014
Acryl, wool and cotton tapestry
114 x 315 in. (290 x 800 cm)
© Grayson Perry Collection of the artist. Courtesy of the Artist and Paragon|Contemporary Editions, Ltd.


Comfort Blanket is a giant tapestry that draws upon the format of the L10 note, and employs a smiling bust of the Queen of England as its medallion centerpiece. Conceived as a type of tongue-in-cheek portrait of the British nation, the tripartite textile design weaves together a range of words and phrases associated with “Britishness” and class signification–from green wellies and curry, to fish and chips, the Magna Carta, and a seemingly random list of famous people, like David Bowie, Edward Elgar and Jamie Oliver–all combined within an eclectic and decorative mélange of colorful patterns. Electric colors while appealing, also heighten the work’s sense of vulgarity and emphasis upon commodification. Further complicating the object’s exalted art status, the artist quips, “You could lay it out for a national picnic.”


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