How to have priceless works of art in your home

Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of stealing a priceless work of art.

Do you remember the 1999 remake of the film “The Thomas Crown Affair” starring Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo, and Dennis Leary?

It’s a movie about a clever and dashing art thief (Brosnan, of course) who manages to steal not one, but two masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Who hasn’t been in a museum and thought to him/herself:

This Rothko is exactly what my living room needs….  That small da Vinci would add such a note of elegance to my foyer… This Monet would work perfectly with the subtle colors of my bedroom… That Warhol double-portrait would perk up my office…

Well, I have definitely had these thoughts.  Haven’t you?


My personal Thomas Crown Affair moment happened at London’s National Gallery a couple years ago.


I had just written a paper for a literary group on a book about art theft.  Van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait was one of the coveted pieces the thief wanted to steal. When I entered the National Gallery, I made a beeline for the van Eyck.


Then, there it was. Wow. I admit that when I actually saw the work in person, I felt an empathetic pang because I wanted to take the painting home with me. We had a “relationship.”


A stunning and deeply symbolic oil painting on oak panel dated 1434, this piece been owned by The National Gallery since 1842—and it is not even always on display.


Now I ask you, is that fair?


The Arnolfini Portrait is valued at $1,500,000. I doubt that most of us have a stash of money lying around to purchase something like this to hang in our living room. BUT there is NO reason why you cannot view van Eyck’s masterpiece in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want to.


The world is flat. A click of a button on your computer or phone app, can (almost) instantly deliver videos, music, movies, TV, alcohol, a gourmet meal, even kibbles for your dog. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to access art and culture on demand like this? To experience it from wherever and whenever you want?


The world no longer operates on a 10 am – 6 pm schedule, so why should art experiences be relegated to those hours?  


With a Woofbert subscription, users will have access anytime. Think the Netflix of Art.


More than this, Woofbert’s VR experience allows for an intimacy with art that seldom occurs in today’s museum environment. With VR, it’s you and the artwork–plus music and guide if you want– and the chance to hang out in front of a painting without interruption. You can look at details, step back, absorb a painting or sculpture’s essence, without feeling like you have to move–or move on–to allow someone else to see it.


Going out and stealing art is not advised-not in the least because most of us aren’t as clever or skilled as the fictional Thomas Crown (and, obviously, its illegal)!  But, you can bring special artworks in to your home in a more practical way.


Why should you ever be denied viewing art anytime, anywhere—regardless of location, mobility or hour?  With Woofbert’s technology, you won’t have to.

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