View Helen Frankenthaler’s Paintings in Recent Critically Acclaimed Exhibition at Turner Contemporary through WoofbertVR’s Newest Experience

WoofbertVR’s newest experience is available now on Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus

New York, NY March 14, 2016 – Through the magic of virtual reality, WoofbertVR is bringing new experiences of art and culture to audiences everywhere.  WoofbertVR’s latest app takes the viewer to Margate, England, to visit Turner Contemporary’s exhibition Making Painting: Helen Frankenthaler and JMW Turner, and allows them to explore a gallery of works by the important American post-war Abstract Expressionist painter, Helen Frankenthaler.

Helen Frankenthaler was an innovator of the mid-20th century and one of the great American painters of all time. Raised in New York and inspired by Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock during the early 1950s, the young Frankenthaler pushed pictorial possibilities to their limits and helped initiate the art movement that became known as Color Field painting. Throughout her career, Frankenthaler’s creativity and sense of experimentation were boundless. Tilting and laying her unprimed canvases upon the ground, she harnessed the effects of gravity, spontaneity, and chance: pouring, pooling, splattering, staining, and pushing paint across the surface to create stunning and evocative abstract works.

Using 21st-century technology, WoofbertVR has captured and brought to life these vibrant post-war works, within the context of Turner Contemporary’s show, and provided unparalleled access to ten of the artist’s most compelling paintings from the 1960s -1990s which were loaned from private collections, foundations, and museums around the world. The show lasted for a brief period of four months, and can only be experienced again in WoofbertVR.

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