WoofbertVR Announces New, Expanded Identity; Changes Name to Boulevard

New York, NY February 16, 2017 – WoofbertVR begins 2017 with a name change and a transition to an expansive multi-disciplinary platform which will offer arts and culture content in new applications and with new capabilities. Social connectivity paired with innovative content will foster shared experiences on a platform designed to democratize access to the arts. Boulevard will rise to meet an increasingly interconnected global population, creating opportunities for cultural and educational learning and exchange.

As in the past, Boulevard will continue to partner with world-renowned institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Courtauld Gallery in London, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rubin Museum in New York, Turner Contemporary in Margate, England and the de Young Museum in San Francisco. WoofbertVR transported users to these institutions and allowed them to step inside an Impressionist masterpiece, walk around the former Manhattan studio of an American Abstract Expressionist painter, and take on the role of Curator, by customizing the installation space of an actual art gallery.

Storytelling remains the backbone of virtual content with the form shifting and bending along with each user. As profound changes occur in the delivery and experience of enhanced reality, Boulevard will be there, embracing the possibilities of new mixed reality technology and engagement. With its current library of six experiences, Boulevard is rapidly expanding its roster of arts institutions and re-contextualizing content via new lenses of understanding including culture, origin and theme. While the major players in the virtual space race towards the future, across a sea of platforms, software and hardware, Boulevard is able to flex and pivot, demystifying leading edge technology and ensuring access, experiential learning and enjoyment of the arts for everyone.

Global culture. Virtually accessible.

About Boulevard
Boulevard brings art, architecture, and culture to people around the world. Partnering with leading museums and cultural sites, Boulevard gives immersive access and revolutionizes the way the world looks at the arts. With 21st-century innovation and dynamic content, Boulevard is reshaping the landscape of storytelling and bringing history to life for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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