WoofbertVR App Launches first Immersive Museum Experience for Samsung Gear VR

New York, NY November 17, 2015 – WoofbertVR (WbVR) is revolutionizing the way the world looks at art.  Through a just released app for the Samsung Gear VR, WbVR offers the unparalleled ability to be ‘transported’ to The Courtauld Gallery in London and discover spectacular paintings by Gauguin, Manet, Monet, and Renoir.

With WoofbertVR’s interactive content, viewers are fully immersed in the Wolfson Room at The Courtauld, and can roam the gallery without ever having to leave their home, office, or classroom. In WbVR’s virtual reality, users can listen to audio narration by New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Neil Gaiman, read object labels, and get closer to paintings than they ever conceived possible.

“Through thoughtfully curated storytelling and original curriculum, each immersive experience engages students, teachers, and broader audiences.  We can reach people around the world who would never otherwise have access to these works due to geographic, economic, or personal circumstances,” said Elizabeth L. Reede, President and COO of WoofbertVR and a former MoMA curator, who co-founded the company with Rob Hamwee.

WbVR offers customized features including:

  • User-controlled navigation

  • Close up and zoom in access to every painting

  • Imaginative and informative visual and audio content

  • Fully integrated educational K-12 curriculum–easily accessed through the WbVR website

“WbVR is deeply committed to partnering with museums and cultural heritage sites to develop arts-based educational experiences that can be shared through VR,” said Reede.

Additional museum galleries and collections, exhibitions, and temporary shows will be available to the public on an ongoing basis.

The WoobertVR experience is available on the Samsung Gear VR beginning November 17, 2015. For more information, please visit www.woofbert.com.



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